Centerville, MN

Petersen Farms in Andover in Andover, MN

When designing Petersen Farms, the development team worked with the community to allocate density where it could be most efficiently constructed and served for years to come, and the greatest amount of high-value wetlands, lakes, bluffs, and woodland stands could be preserved for both homeowners and the public. Home sites are 1.5-3 acres and may include trees and easy access to natural amenities. Connected directly by natural trail to the 60-acre Martin’s Meadows Open Space park along the Rum River. Low Impact Design, or LID, is a design philosophy that incorporates a number of sustainable design practices to allow for development that makes the least amount of impact on the natural resources, minimizes grading and paved surfaces, and promotes sustainability in its use of infrastructure and stormwater management. For more information about this neighborhood Contact Eternity Homes.

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